Energy Therapy FAQ

Below are questions and answers regarding Energy Healing Therapies and frequently asked questions such as what they are, how they are performed, and what clients can expect. Please contact us to submit any questions you may have that you do not see here.




Q: What is Reiki and what does it feel like?

A: Reiki, pronounced “Ray-key”, is an ancient Japanese stress reduction and relaxation therapy that may also promote healing. To translate it literally, Reiki means Universal or Higher Power (“rei”) Life Force Energy (“ki”). While spiritual in nature, Reiki is not tied to any religion and one does not have to believe in the power of Reiki to benefit from it. During a Reiki session, the client simply lays comfortably and fully clothed on a bed or table as the practitioner lays his or her hands on different energy centers (or “chakras”) of the body. The practitioner’s role is to “channel” the Life Force Energy (all the positive energy in the atmosphere) into the body through the palms of his or her hands. The client may experience anything as subtle as deep relaxation or sleep to more profound feelings of intense warmth, sudden muscle twitches, changes in breathing pattern, tingling sensations in the body, and even colorful and often very meaningful visions. Some clients say it is very difficult to explain how it feels, but it has been described as feeling like you are physically becoming One with everything around you – a very warm and comforting feeling. No two people react alike to Reiki – it is truly an individual gift for each client.


Q: What are “energy centers”?

A: There are seven major energy centers in the human body known as “chakras”. They are the “Wheels of Life” that keep our body operating at a healthy vibration. Click here for detailed information about chakras.


Q: How is the energy “channeled” into the body?

A: A Reiki practitioner is someone who has gone through an attunement process – a sacred, almost ceremonial energy alignment that opens the person to be a conduit of Universal Life Force Energy. Once they are opened to the energy, it flows through the crown of their head to the palms of their hands and into the client’s body. The energy does not come from the therapist him/herself but from the Universe and the auric atmosphere.


Q: How will I feel after a Reiki session?

A: Reiki affects everyone differently. Some are extremely relaxed and even fatigued after a session, while some are energized. Often times a client’s mind may feel more at ease after a session, and the body can even feel just as relaxed as if it had just been massaged. Some clients may experience deeper sleep and can receive meaningful dream messages after a session, while some may experience sleeplessness the night of a session. Again, it affects everyone differently every time, but is most always a positive experience. 




Q: How do I prepare for an Energy Healing treatment?

A: Before any Energy Healing treatment, you must absolutely mentally prepare yourself. This simply means – RELAX and ENJOY! Energy does its best work on a body and soul that is ready to mentally cooperate by being open minded and ready to work with your Guides/Angels to “help you help yourself”. Upon arriving for your session, set your own intentions for what you want to achieve out of your healing session. You may keep this information private or share it with your practitioner. Some people also believe and feel that eating a natural diet (no processed foods or meat) before a session will cleanse your energy and provide a stronger channel for healing. Physical exercise, meditation, and positive music are all ways to raise your body’s vibrations, as well. If nothing else, just be ready to calm your mind and body, and ask for all the highest good to be a part of you and your session.


Q: Is there anything in particular I should do following an Energy Healing session?

A: Please, continue to relax and create a peaceful environment for yourself. Surround yourself with positivity in all aspects. Write down what you experienced during your session, and what you continue to experience afterwards. Also, take note of any questions that arise and contact your practitioner if you would like to talk about it. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods to stay grounded, and remember to thank the Universe for your health and healing!


Q: Will Energy Healing cure my ailments and prevent me from having to take medications?

A: No alternative health practitioner should ever state that any energy therapy is a cure or replacement for medical treatments. Some alternative health followers claim that these therapies have without a doubt made vast improvements in giving them a healthier life. However, energy therapies have not been scientifically proven to be a “medical cure” so should not be treated as such. It has been stated by many recipients, though, that alternative therapies do compliment medical treatments well. While it is entirely up to every individual of what healing path to take, please continue any prescribed medications and always work with your medical physician in making important decisions regarding your health.