Sometimes we just want to know what certain things are really like, and we want to hear about it from real people who have actually experienced it. Here you will find completely unedited testimonials from clients who have received skincare services from Lisa:

“OK so I went to see Lisa like I do every 3 weeks! ūüėČ A good thing! And got my Pumpkin Facial that I dearly “LOVE” and I always get Reiki, but this time she was a Reiki “Master”! And I got Crystal Therapy! WooHoo! What a day! All I can say is it was amazing! The energy that she put off was incredible; between the Crystal Therapy & her level of Reiki I left there feeling great but about an hour later I was like in Warp speed! LOL! I am high energy most of the time anyway but this was diff. Slept like a baby last 2 nights and I am STILL extremely energized! I LOVE it and in fact I already made plans to include the Crystal Therapy in my next session again, all the other Reiki, Pumpkin Peel Facial and Eye Treatment I already do. It’s great, Lisa is Great, and why not take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to some “me” time and to the best! So you best all get in there, you won’t regret it…I promise!!! Thanks Lisa!” ~ Karen

“Today was my first experience at Organic Skincare and Wellness with Lisa, but it definitely won’t be my last! From the beginning of my appointment, Lisa was friendly and put me at ease. As a person who has been waxing regularly for thirteen years, I was surprised at what a fantastic job Lisa did. The waxing session was virtually painless and completely relaxing, so much so that I actually started to feel sleepy near the end…not the way I usually feel when having my hair ripped out! Lisa is professional and lovely, and obviously very knowledgeable about her field. I have never had a better waxing experience anywhere, and I’m so glad I found Lisa!” ~ Kathryn

“I found Lisa by accident and glad I did. Her prices seemed cheaper than other area prices and all organic seemed like a plus. I have sensitive skin and battling red burning dry skin around my eyes from another product I had been using. I tried the deap sea mud facial and it was fantastic. One hour of beautiful feeling oils, massage, steam, warm towels and a hand massage. Great way to start the weekend. My husband noticed that my face just looked more clean. She was very helpful in offering suggestions for over the counter products to use and giving me tips for caring for my skin. I hope with regular visits I will keep seeing improvements in my skin.” ~ Carrie Milligan

“Lisa is awesome. Great atmosphere, wonderful products, and she is very knowledgeable about her field. Very relaxing, you leave feeling like a princess! Way more personalized than a salon & spa.” ~ Sara ¬†

“I have been coming to Lisa now for over 2 years. I experienced my first facial by a gift certificate from my children. It was fabulous. I have had other facials, but none were as relaxing and enjoyable as with Lisa. She also took the time to explain to me certain conditions and reasons why my skin was changing.

I began to use the cleansing trio routine and the make-up line that Lisa recommends. I can tell such a difference in my skin.

Lisa is a very dedicated, caring individual who does a fantastic job at what she does. I encourage anyone and everyone to contact Lisa. Don’t wait – you deserve to treat yourself!” ~ KM (Bloomington, IL)

“I recently was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Half of my face was frozen and with the help of Lisa in three sessions my face is almost normal! Her energy and concentration and results are awesome!!!”
~ Deborah (Bloomington, IL)

¬†“I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to have a skin care session with Lisa Roberds. Before my session I was looking forward to learning about what options were available for my particular skin problem, acne rosacia and hoping to simply walk away with a¬†different approach for my troubled skin. As it turned out, I caught a head cold a few days before my session and had some considerable sinus pain. I considered rescheduling my appointment but went ahead with it anyway and it turned out to be a very wise decision on my part.

From the moment I walked in, Lisa created a relaxing and soothing experience, from the colors, lighting and sounds in the room, to the wonderful soft and soothing music and aromas that drifted about the room. She explained every part of the process before we started and defined the products that she was going to use, and why. She evaluated my skin and was able to tell me that the process and products I had been using, had actually made my condition worse! The facial itself was the most relaxing massage and treatment I have ever had. Words fail to describe the experience, and all I can say is that you have to try it for yourself to experience first hand, Lisa’s intuitive ability to provide an extraordinarily relaxing¬†experience.

I walked away from this experience with some wonderful surprises. First, my sinus pain was completely gone after the session. I don’t know if it was the facial products, the massage technique, or the simple relaxation and pampering, but I was very relieved nonetheless. Secondly, I received valuable education about how to care for my own unique skin type.¬†Thirdly,¬†the “feel” of my facial skin had changed. It¬†no longer felt so “tight” and ridged. I continue to experience this, with the new regime that Lisa provided¬†for me.”
~ Pam Blizzard (Heyworth, IL) 

“As a woman “blessed” with thick eyebrows, & genetically passed down lip & chin hair I frequently had either my hair dresser or a gal at the Merle Norman in the mall do my waxing.¬† Because of my sensitive skin, I would be red for hours, and my face would itch afterward sometimes after waxing.

Deciding to give Lisa a try was the best decision I ever made for my face.  The type of wax she uses is far less abrasive than the usual hot wax & cloth strips.  She also instructed me on everyday things that I was doing that caused my own skin to be more sensitive.  I even found out that the make up I use everyday is part of the problem.

Any experience with Lisa is definitely a lasting one.  The environment is so relaxing, and she is so personable.  You can really tell that she loves what she does, and she really takes the time to satisfy her customers because she cares.

I highly reccomend Lisa Roberds.¬† You really won’t find anyone better in town!” ~ B. R. (Normal, IL)

“I highly recommend Lisa Roberds to any woman or man who are looking for a skin care specialist, you will be very pleased with every aspect of her service.”

“Almost my whole life, I have struggled with severe eczemawhich left the skin on my face thin from prolonged steroid use.¬†In my mid 20’s, I started having trouble with acne.¬†I had been to dermatologists, tried strange and expensive creams, and used popular mail order products to clear my skin.¬†I had some nominal success with these products, but I gave up on ever having clear skin.¬†So I focused on covering it up with make up.¬†My regime was not only expensive, but took time.¬† I never felt like I could go outside without a full make up session.¬†If you have struggled with blemishes or other skin conditions, you know first hand how it can affect your confidence.

Visiting Lisa was the best choice I made for my skin. She educated me on why I wasn’t having success clearing my skin with these products.¬†After using Lisa’s make up and skin care products, my skin has cleared up.¬†I noticed a difference within a week of visiting her and using the items she made available. I am astounded on how quickly my skin healed.¬†AND, the products are less expensive than what I was using!¬† The effect that it has had is amazing. I am so happy with my experience with Lisa, I can only try to get the word out.” ~ Paulette (Bloomington, IL)

“For as long as I can remember, I have had problem skin. I considered my fair, overly dry skin as being a curse. It wasn’t even just my face, but my entire body.

That was until I met Lisa. She walked me through why my skin was so dry and gave me excellent tips on how to alleviate the tautness I would experience. Through her guidance and suggestions, my skin is in the best shape it has ever been! I love my skin now!

Her products are affordable and much gentler than the dermatological products I’ve tried for years. My skin is smooth and moisturized and I have her to thank! Not only do I have facials with her, but the mud wrap has been a God send for my skin. It smooths and detoxifies and leaves my skin soft and supple. I know everyone, problem skin or not, will benefit from Lisa’s fantastic skills!” ~ Kallie Swayze (Bloomington, IL)

“Hi! My name is Karen and I am now 50! I have been coming to Lisa for about 2 years. At about age 44 my face started getting adult acne, very painful. As a young girl I never had acne at all, but I guess the hormonal change kicked in and at age 44 my face was a mess! What did I do? Well I went to my dermatologist, a very well known and very good doctor. Yes you are having a lot of issues he tells me and wants to put me on some meds that well I would have to have blood work done periodically because of kidney and liver functions. Yikes! Not for me.

I fought it for a few more years. I went into a life/health change about 6 years ago, shucked a lot of weight, exercised, was eating very healthy and my acne problem got a lot better. Most of the adult acne subsided but never all left. That’s when I met Lisa! She was just starting out as a Licensed Esthetician at a salon that I went to. That day changed me. A girl that worked the front desk at the salon was listening to me talk about my facial issues and she suggested I talk with Lisa. I said, “There is no way I can lay there for a length of time and get a facial, I don’t have the patience or the time!” Well 2 years later I am a weekly client of Lisa’s and I LOVE IT!!! My face has never looked this good.

Not only do I get facials from Lisa, I get my makeup (organic) also from her. For years I was using a well-known department store brand and thought it was the best. But what I am using now is the best. It took me a while to switch makeup but now that I have I wouldn’t use anything else!

Lisa is the best. She is one of the sweetest, most caring people I know. She takes her job very seriously. She has only you on her mind when you are in there. She can and has answered any question you might have and if by some chance she would not know the answer (never had that happen) she will find out for you. Lisa has other services which I have also used. She is also certified in Reiki and Fork Tuning for which I get both on a regular basis. Now she has added more services on her site. The environment is so relaxing. Just to think back that I said I would never be able to do it, well now I am hooked!! I think everyone should experience it. Lisa Roberds you are the best! Thank you!!!” ~ Karen