Energy Therapy

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Energy Therapy Services

Hourly Rates:
30 minutes = $50
60 minutes = $80

Energy Healing Therapies are a medical-free, non-invasive form of meditative healing. Energy therapies are wonderful compliments to any medical treatment that one may be receiving. They can help strengthen the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The energy works with the client’s own body and natural vibrations to assist in easing any discomforts or ailments that may exist in the body or mind. All energy therapy sessions include additional “talk time” before and after the treatment to ensure the highest level of understanding of the session, as well as proper time to ground and center the body before going about your day.

Escape into another realm with this non-invasive relaxation technique. Originating from Japan, Reiki involves a gentle laying of the hands to channel positive healing energy into the body. Performed with the client fully clothed, Reiki offers calming stress reduction by realigning the body’s energy centers. By clearing any blocked energy and helping the client to be more grounded, Reiki may create feelings of clarity, peace, overall comfort, and awareness of one’s own self-healing abilities.


Last Updated 3/29/2022