Massage Therapy

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Please Note: There is only one therapist on staff at Lotus Organics Day Spa & Wellness.
Therefore appointments are done individually, and group/couple’s sessions are not available at this time

Massage Therapy Services

Hourly Rates:
30 minuets = $40
60 minutes = $70
90 minutes = $100

Lotus Organics customizes every massage to each client’s therapeutic needs. Whether you are recovering from an injury. have tired and achy muscles, or just want some much-deserved “me time” and relaxation, our Massage Therapy services will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and recharged. Choose from any of the following techniques or a combination of them all:

Swedish Relaxation Massage
Calm your mind, body, and spirit and relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress with this relaxing wellness massage. Swedish Massage delivers gentle, calming techniques of light to medium pressure over larger, general areas of the body for ultimate relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage
Work out the “kinks”, help relieve pain, and promote flexibility and range of motion with a variety of integrated techniques that allow the therapist to reach the deeper layers of muscle in the body. Deep tissue addresses areas of tension more directly with varying levels of pressure and technique determined by the client’s preference. Stretching may also be incorporated.


Raindrop Technique®    $130
This powerful aromatherapy massage treatment combines several holistic modalities to provide balance and alignment in the body, promoting wellness of one’s physical, mental, and emotional state. Essential oils are dropped onto the body like raindrops, while various light massage techniques are used on the feet, legs, and back to stimulate nerve endings for increased absorption of the oils. The Raindrop Technique® assists in stress reduction, re-alignment of the body’s energy, and may improve immune system responses, and ease muscle, bone, and joint pain.  Allow 90 minutes for this treatment. Read more detailed information on the Raindrop Technique® by clicking here!

Raindrop Technique


Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Aromatherapy Spa Massage
Upgrade any massage service by adding therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils and warm spa towels for further relaxation.
Add $5

Stone Massage* 
Experience the benefits of a relaxing heated Pink Himalayan salt stone massage and/or cold marble stone massages. Heat therapy relaxes and loosens tight muscle tissue to relieve pain and tension. The heated Pink Himalayan salt stones exude negative ions into the atmosphere, creating a calm, relaxing environment. They also help give skin a glowing, refreshed texture and appearance, and can even help with certain skin conditions. Cold stone therapy relieves inflammation, may lower blood pressure, and is helpful with sinusitis when applied to the face. This service may be added to any massage or facial treatment.
Add $20
Hot Salt Stones    Hot Salt Stones



(*Hot Salt Stone Massage must be scheduled in advance in order for stones to be properly prepared and warmed.)


Massage services are mostly done using 100% pure coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a wonderfully hydrating, all-natural oil that nourishes the skin while allowing for excellent glide during a massage. For clients with blemish-prone skin, Jojoba may be used as a substitute. If a different massage oil is desired, please inform the therapist well ahead of your scheduled appointment.



Text (309) 838-7752, or send an email with all the details to
and you’ll receive an email invoice to pay online! (Certificates can be mailed for an additional $5 handling fee.)
**Due to being blessed with a high demand of appointments resulting in a full schedule for several weeks out, gift certificates may not be able to be redeemed immediately. Please inform recipients that it is highly recommended to schedule as far in advance as possible!**

 Last Updated 2/11/2018