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Lotus Signature Facial Treatments

At Lotus Organics, every facial is customized with well-researched natural and organic product to fit your personal preferences for all your skincare needs. Enjoy a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, and relax with Lisa’s signature face, décolleté, and scalp massage. Continue with a nourishing facial mask with arm and hand massage, and enjoy a moisture treatment for the face, eyes, and lips to complete this must-have experience. Extractions are available upon request. Clients may choose from any of the following luxurious skincare treatments:

NEW! Young Living “All Seasons” Essential Oil Skincare Treatment     $75+ 
One of Lotus Organics’ newest facial treatments takes you through a deliciously aromatic journey of the seasons using Young Living essential oil skincare products. Starting off with a refreshing Orange Blossom facial cleanse, Satin Mint scrub, and a spritz of lavender mist, your face will feel like a fresh, cool summer day. Follow with a soothing arm and hand massage while you experience a cooling exfoliating enzyme peel which utilizes aloe, papaya, and pineapple fruit extracts for a smooth, radiant glow. Drift away with a customized face, décoletté, shoulder, and scalp massage, enhanced with any Young Living essential oil of your choice. Come back from your heavenly journey as the aromas of cedarwood, rosehips and many other earthly oils help to balance your skin’s moisture with Young Living’s Beauty Serum. Finish with an additional healthy dose of moisture and nutrients with a Wolfberry eye cream, lip balm of your choice, and Sandalwood moisture cream. *The papaya and pineapple enzyme peel mask may be replaced with a gentle cream mask to adjust for skin sensitivities to the enzyme peel’s added glycolic.  Allow approximately 60 minutes for this treatment.

Add a cooling Cold Stone facial massage for the ultimate skin soothing, redness-reducing experience!   $10

Add a relaxing foot massage and double mask treatment!   $20


Pumpkin Skincare
Lotus Organics’ pumpkin treatments were introduced in October of 2009 as a Fall season promotion. Their popularity grew quickly, and the facials were requested for quite some time – even well into the summer months – earning a permanent spot on the Service Menu as a client favorite. In October of 2014, these incredible treatments were even published in an international skincare magazine as notable treatments showcasing the powerful benefits of pumpkin in skincare. 

As seen in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa magazine!

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Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Skincare Treatment     $70
Pumpkin Mask
This treatment is a specially designed skincare facial with the benefits of a natural pumpkin enzyme peel*, enhanced with a natural glycolic acid – a superficial exfoliating agent made from sugarcane. This facial consists of a customized deep cleansing with Martina Gebhardt’s Naturkosmetiks moisturizing Shea Butter cleanser, followed by a gentle manual exfoliation. The pumpkin enzyme* mask will then nourish your skin as your forearms and hands are massaged with a Spiced Pumpkin butter lotion. Lisa’s signature face, décoletté, and scalp massage is performed using a house-blended special nutrient enriched and deliciously scented pumpkin seed oil blend, topped off with a final moisture treatment for the face, eyes, and lips.  The benefits of pumpkin include naturally deep exfoliation, increased hydration, neutralization of free-radicals, skin healing, restoration of elasticity, inhibition of breakouts, and aging reversal through increased cell turnover! What more could you ask for? *The pumpkin facial enzyme peel mask may be replaced with the Pumpkin Delight’s pumpkin clay mask to adjust for skin sensitivities to the enzyme peel’s added glycolic.  Allow approximately 60 minutes for this treatment.

Pumpkin Delight Skincare Treatment     $90
Enjoy the original Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Skincare Treatment with an additional pumpkin clay mask, which assists deep pore cleansing while nourishing, evening out skin tone, and decreasing hyperpigmentation. During this double-mask facial treatment, enjoy the goodness from head-to-toe with a cozy Spiced Pumpkin foot scrub and/or moisturizing foot massage.
** Allow approximately 75 minutes for this treatment.

**Add the same Spiced Pumpkin scrub to the arm/hand massage for an additional $5!

Signature Pumpkin Delight Skincare Treatment*     $110
Indulge in the Pumpkin Delight Skincare Treatment, with an added Hot Salt Stone Massage to the face, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet!

Allow approximately 75-90 minutes for this treatment.
(*Hot Salt Stone massage must be scheduled in advance in order for stones to be properly prepared and warmed.)


Naturkosmetiks® Skincare, The Lotus Organics Original Facial 
Brought to you from Germany, Naturkosmetiks® has been the most trusted organic skincare line at Lotus Organics since the very beginning in the year 2007.  Carefully formulated under some of the strictest protocols in skincare, Naturkosmetiks® offers a line of 96%+ organic, animal-free and eco-friendly products, farmed and harvested under very specific conditions in order to provide the most therapeutic properties possible. Easily a $100+ facial treatment in other spas, this facial remains at an affordable rate so that clients old and new can continue to benefit from the amazing results.

Naturkosmetiks® Customized Skincare Treatment     $70
Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetiks Shea Butter Products
This Lotus Organics original facial treatment offers the ultimate hydration experience for all skin types ranging from extremely sensitive to desperately dry, mature skin. Pure, gentle Shea Butter products are used to cleanse and tone the skin, while a gentle exfoliation buffs away built up surface skin cells. Lisa’s signature face, décoletté, and scalp massage is performed using grapeseed oil for sensitive and normal skin, or fractionated coconut oil for thirsty, aging skin, along with a drop of your choice of therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil. The arms and hands will be gently massaged during a customized mask treatment, followed by a face, eye, and lip moisture treatment. This treatment is excellent for all skin types, but is an exceptional choice for those with extremely sensitive skin. Allow approximately 60 minutes for this treatment.

Naturkosmetiks® Upgrades & Add-Ons

Customize Your Cleanse     $5
Enhance your Shea Butter cleanse and moisture treatment with a therapeutic grade essential oil aimed at treating specific skin concerns.

Naturkosmetiks® Purifying Upgrade     $20
Treat stubborn, congested skin without sacrificing essential hydration. The facial exfoliation will be enhanced with a Dead Sea Black Mud facial peel, with an additional cleansing Sage and Black Mud mask treatment. A custom-blended anti-blemish treatment is added to target troubled areas of the face and fight bacteria, all while you relax into a gentle, pampering foot massage. Allow an additional 15 minutes for this treatment.

Naturkosmetiks® Happy Aging Upgrade     $20
Nourish parched skin with this incredibly intense, must-try moisture treatment for even the driest of complexions. A second mask designed specifically for anti-aging skin will provide rich vitamins and anti-oxidants to prevent premature aging, wrinkles, ages spots, and hyperpigmentation while providing clarity, improved skin tone, and healthy elasticity. A high-grade serum is then applied for tissue strengthening and deep moisturization, all while you relax into a gentle, pampering foot massage. Allow an additional 15 minutes for this treatment.



Lotus Express Facial Treatments

Short on time or trying to save your pennies? There’s no need to sacrifice your skin’s wellness!
Choose from one of the following brief facial treatments at a reduced price.

Express Facials $45
Allow approximately 35-40 minutes.

Lotus Express Relaxing Facial    
Focus on nothing except relaxation with this brief cleansing exfoliation, and signature massage of the face, décoletté, and scalp. Complete with a healthy dose of moisture, this small escape may be just what you need to get you through the day! (Does not include mask.)

Lotus Express Nourishing  Facial
Are you in need of a quick and concentrated dose of moisture to liven up your skin? Enjoy a thorough cleansing and exfoliation with a full mask and moisture treatment to revive your complexion in a hurry. (Does not include massage.)

Lotus Express Purifying  Facial
Pores needing purged? Try this deep cleansing, exfoliating treatment that offers a thorough pore extraction session to clean debris from the skin and restore a smoother, more refreshed appearance and feel. (Does not include mask or massage.)


Facial Treatment Add-Ons

Décolletécial     $15
Besides our face and our hands, the other area on our body that shows age the fastest due to frequent sun exposure is the décolleté – the neck, chest, and shoulder area. Extend your facial to the décolleté region with a “décolletécial”, which provides all of the facial steps (cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, and even a mask and moisture treatment) on the neck, chest, and the front of the shoulders. Whether you’re preparing for a special “low-cut dress” occasion, or you’re just wanting to improve your youthful appearance, this treatment is the perfect add-on to any facial.

Vita Flex Essential Oil Foot Treatment        $15
This Tibetan healing method means “vitality through the reflexes”. Specific massage techniques are used on the reflex points of the feet to create a therapeutic electric charge within the body. This assists in absorption of carefully selected therapeutic grade essential oils, in an effort to promote wellness in one’s entire body. (Vita Flex with only certain oils may be performed on the hands instead, if the feet are sensitive to touch.) Allow an extra 10-15 minutes for this treatment.
Vita Flex Color Chart

Hot Salt Stone and/or Cold Stone Therapy Facial & Décolleté Massage*:
Hot Salt Stones or Cold Stones Only: $10
Hot Salt Stones & Cold Stones Together: $20

You have probably heard of a hot stone massage for the body, but are you familiar with hot salt stones? And did you know that hot stone massage can be just as relaxing and beneficial on the face and décolleté as it is on the body? Hot salt stones are one of the newest trends to make their way into the massage world. You’ve probably seen the Pink Himalayan salt lamps that have become the latest must-have in many homes. Hot salt massage stones utilize the same concept as a salt lamp, only applied directly to the body. The warming salt stones exude negative ions into the atmosphere, creating a calm and more relaxed environment, while also counteracting the effects of modern technology such as cell phones and computers. Applied directly to the body, the salt stones can relax muscle tissue and inflamed joints, and can also improve skin conditions such as acne, all while leaving the skin with a refreshed glow. (*Hot Salt Stone Massage must be scheduled in advance in order for stones to be properly prepared and warmed.) 

Did you also know that cold stones can be just as therapeutic as hot stones? Cold marble stones used during facial or body massage can help tremendously with overactive skin that is especially prone to redness and/or inflammation.

Stone Therapy Massage in general has many benefits, such as promoting deep muscle and tissue relaxation, relieving pain, improving circulation and releasing toxins, and alleviating stress while calming the psyche. The condition of the client’s body and goal to be obtained will determine whether hot, cold, or a combination of both stones will be incorporated. 


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